Image-based lung cancer diagnostics and interactive e-learning technology in medicine

At this year`s European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, ECR 2019, MeVis will present software solutions focusing on lung cancer diagnostics and interactive e-learning technology in medicine.

Veolity is the most advanced software package supporting lung cancer diagnostics for most efficient and effecitve reading of lung cancer screening chest CT scans. Veolity includes CAD, automatic segmentation, integration of prior findings and optimized workflow for structured reporting.

For the recommendations in the "European position statement on lung cancer screening"1 our Veolity software has the perfect set of tools enabling very precise and reproducible measurement of volume for solid, part-solid, and non-solid (GGO) nodules.

Based on MeVis Online Academy, solutions and platforms will be presented for web-based, installation-free, interactive online training including options to exchange image data for further consultations. Integrated radiological case collections with verified solutions demonstrate key functions and options for extensions according to the customer`s needs.

Meet MeVis at ECR 2019 in Vienna:

Varex Imaging, booth #224

February 27 - March 3, 2019

Austria Center Vienna
Bruno Kreisky Platz 1
1220 Vienna, Austria

1 Published online November 27, 2017;