European expert group proposes implementation of lung cancer screening programs within EU

Lung cancer screening with low-dose CT can save lives. EU position statement presents the available evidence and the major issues that need to be addressed to implement LDCT lung cancer screening in Europe successfully.

In a paper published recently in Lancet Oncology by Oudkerk et. al., titled "European position statement on lung cancer screeening"1, a European Union (EU) expert group is presenting the available evidence for lung cancer screening with low-dose CT, resulting in a set of recommendations to begin implementing lung cancer screening in Europe within the next 1-4 years.

Planning of low-dose CT screening programs should be started throughout Europe because of the overwhelming clinical evidence that these programs can save lives.

The group emphasizes the need for a validated risk stratification approach, in order to make sure that the patients who will benefit most from these programs will be screened. Quality assurance of the whole process will be a key aspect in order to ensure a joint set of standards.

The recommendation also requires that detected lung nodules shall be assessed through exact volume measurements and volume doubling-time, since simple diameter measurements have been shown to have only limited clinical value.

Our Veolity software for lung cancer screening programs has the perfect set of tools enabling very precise and reproducible measurement of volume for solid, part-solid, and non-solid (GGO) nodules.

Together with a highly sensitive nodule CAD (computer-aided detection) and elastic registration with prior scans, it enables the doctors to evaluate low-dose CT scans with very high accuracy.

All the results that are created within Veolity can be exported in various ways and thus are available to be used in specifically tailored report and patient management systems.

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1 Published Online November 27, 2017;