Lung cancer screening - MeVis Medical Solutions AG releases Veolity 1.1

Veolity 1.1 supports ACR Lung-RADS and segmentation of part-solid lung nodules

Veolity 1.1 supports ACR lung-RADS and segementation of part-solid lung nodules

Bremen/Germany, May 13, 2015 - Early detection of lung cancer helps save lives. In the U.S., leading market of medical technology, CT lung cancer screening was approved by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in the fourth quarter of 2015. Screening programs have already been started. European countries are expected to follow.

With the newly released Veolity version 1.1, MeVis Medical Solutions AG continues to support imaging centers to handle the vast number of clients, and to implement lung cancer screening guidelines and quality requirements.

Veolity is a vendor-neutral CT image analysis software application, designed for efficient reading and reporting workflow in a high throughput environment like CT lung cancer screening. It brings together lung CAD (computer-aided detection) of solid pulmonary nodules, integration and automatic registration of prior studies, and semi-automatic nodule segmentation.

The new release Veolity 1.1 provides these major features:

  • Full support for the ACR (American College of Radiology) Lung-RADS 1.0 reporting standard
  • Semi-automatic nodule segmentation for part-solid findings
  • Solid and non-solid nodule segmentation including automated measurements of volumes and diameters
  • Automated propagation of prior findings
  • Integration of incidental findings
  • Seamless interfacing with clinical infrastructure like PACS and patient management systems
  • The automatically generated reports now follow the current ACR Lung-RADS standard, provide nodule malignancy prediction, and give guidance on determining patient follow-up.

"We are confident that the inclusion of the ACR Lung-RADS standard into Veolity will be of tremendous help for lung cancer screening programs. Veolity finally provides all tools and information required to properly manage the follow-up of the screening participants," says Bernd Kuemmerlen, product manager, MeVis Medical Solutions AG.

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