• Veolity is the efficient way
    of reading chest CT studies.



  • Combine lung CAD,
    prior studies,
    and efficient reporting.


Lung cancer screening: Veolity™ is the reading platform for high-throughput lung CT environments. Built upon years of clinical and technical experience from large screening trials, it provides important innovations to improve the reading workflow and diagnostic quality. more

News & Events

07/06/2016 | Annual CT follow-up is safe for nonsolid lung nodules

A new study published in "Radiology" states lung cancer screening supports managing nonsolid nodules to spare patients from costs, complications, and stress caused by unnecessary biopsies or surgery.

06/15/2016 | UK lung cancer screening trial assesses the efficacy of low-dose CT lung cancer screening for the early detection of lung cancer in high-risk groups

This study presents important information to be considered in case of future screening program implementation in the UK.

05/20/2016 | Risk-model fine-tunes CT lung cancer screening

A new study published in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" points out the need to revise the USPSTF screening criteria in terms of a fine-tuned risk-based approach.


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