MeVis' AI software solutions build bridges toward future radiology at ECR 2022

MeVis Medical Solutions AG presents radiological software solutions at the annual European Congress of Radiology (ECR) from July 13-17, 2022. Matching this year's motto "Building Bridges", the company's AI-enabled software solutions are a perfect fit and demonstrate how new ideas and technologies contribute to build bridges toward the future of radiology and between radiologists and surgeons.


Veolity LungCAD - the standalone AI box for lung nodule detection. Veolity LungCAD provides fully integrated AI-enabled detection support for pulmonary nodules for chest CT scans in lung cancer diagnostics to improve diagnostic quality. Complex follow-up comparisons are easy and efficient. Valuable automatic segmentation with volumetric quantification of lung nodules helps radiologists to generate reproducible and comparable results that easily integrate into existing IT infrastructure and reading workflow.

Veolity LungRead- the all-in-one chest CT reading solutions. Veolity LungRead is our most advanced software package supporting lung cancer diagnostics for efficient and effective reading of chest CT scans for both lung cancer screening and incidental nodule management. Physicians benefit from AI-based CAD for better nodule detection, volumetric nodule measurements, automatic growth assessment, guideline compliant reporting (e.g. Lung-RADS 1.1, BTS, etc.) and an automated workflow which saves reading time compared to a PACS viewer.

MeVis Distant Services - professional image segmentation and 3D visualization service supporting surgery planning. The experts of MeVis Distant Services visualize DICOM image data of the liver and the pancreas based on CT and MRI image series. Comprehensive image segmentation results with interactive 3D visualizations of living donor liver transplants (LDLTs) and complex oncologic diseases mean a great support for radiologists and surgeons while maintaining complete control of their diagnostic and treatment decision process.

MeVis Liver Suite - build on the MeVis expertise and dedication to liver surgery planning. MeVis Liver Suite is our latest image analysis software for the liver with related vascular structures and lesions from CT and MRI. The software comes with AI-based segmentation tools and provides additional information supporting surgeons and radiologists in treatment planning, quantification of objects of interest, preoperative evaluation of surgery strategies, and post-procedure or therapy follow-up assessment for the hepatic system including all vascular structures (bile ducts, hepatic artery, hepatic vein, portal vein, inferior vena cava). Segmentation, visualization, and quantification of additional objects of interest are possible.

Meet MeVis at ECR 2022 in Vienna at the Varex Imaging booth:

AI booth no. AI-23, Hall X1

Austria Center Vienna

Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1

1220 Wien